Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning can extend the life of your roof by many years by removing algae, mold, mildew, lichen, moss and dirt from your roof. Typically organic matter grows more on the shady side but can take over an entire roof, where it holds water and establishes a root system, lifting up shingle edges and breaking down the roofing materials. We use the soft-wash system recommended by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) so it will not void any roof warranties. This method does not require us to walk on most roofs, but if a worker is needed on a roof all B.C. WorkSafe procedures will be followed. It is recommended that your roof be cleaned every three years to optimize its lifespan and maintain a new appearance.



Yes we do windows! Windows are included in a building soft-touch cleaning which includes window frames, trim, and building siding. We then follow up with a brush or pad to rub the glass to remove stubborn marks, and rinse down with clean water. At this point 95% of our clients think they are outstanding. All window cleaning is done from the ground or from roof’s edge. This saves time and your money, and keeps the worker safe.

To achieve that last 5% in cleaning, the screens need to be removed. If the worker’s feet are more than 10 feet from the ground when standing on a roof, they need to be attached to a fall arrest anchor attached to your roof. Then after the scrubbing, a squeegee is used to remove every last drop of water from the window. The cost to get this last 5% can be ten times of the first 95%, and it only lasts until the first rain.

If you want a safe approach which saves you money go for the 95% clean. If you want that 100% clean\ companies that just do windows are what you are looking for.



Rain gutters often have algae and mildew living on the outer surface and debris filling the inside. There are a few options for cleaning. 


If the inside of the gutters is dry and has little debris, a leaf-blower can be used. But it has to be done by hand if there is any accumulation of debris or if it’s wet. 

Winter is a good time to clean the inside of gutters after the leaves have fallen and the gutters are wet. We hand-clean placing debris in a bucket for removal, then rinsing clean. If the roof is being soft-washed this will also remove what is left of the live organic matter in the gutters.


The outside of the gutters is cleaned using our soft-wash method. This can be added to a building’s cleaning but not done on its own.

After the organic matter is removed and they are clean, some rain gutters still have black lines which are damage to the surface of the paint coating. For a fee, an extra step is the surface renewal, which is done by hand to remove these lines and leave the gutters looking shiny and new.


The first step is to contact us to set up an appointment so we can meet with a you to discuss your needs and establish a budget and ongoing treatment plan. Painting of the building can also be discussed. Our goal is to take care of all your exterior building needs.