Is your home sheathed in STUCCO, WOOD OR HARDIPLANK?

Keep your house looking new with a fresh coat of paint. The Experts at Home Pro Painting can help you choose the right colours for your home.

Do you have cracks?


Left unchecked water can seep into cracks causing damage.

Does your home change colour or stay wet for hours after it rains?

Mildew and mold will grow in unprotected stucco, leaving stains that will not wash off.

do you just wish your home was a different colour?


Home Pro Painting is happy to help you find the best colour that fits your style.

Have you painted your home in the last 8 years?

Left unchecked, a wooden home can rapidly deteriorate,  but with proper workmanship and coatings applied, it can last an very long time.

Is your HardiePlank fading?


Hardieplank needs to be painted as often as wood siding and should not be left to the point where it is peeling.

We will apply the right product, guaranteed. Our team of skilled painters work fast and efficiently, leaving you with a home to be proud of.

Our summer season fills up fast.