Proper maintenance is a must to extend the life of roofs, the function of rain gutters, and the consistent appearance of drive and walk ways.

Our soft-wash cleaning system works on surfaces and is environmentally safe It brings colour back to worn and dirty surfaces and makes whites clean and white again. Our soft-wash system has been approved by the (NRCA) National Roofing Contractors Association and will not void roof warranties The mixture of soaps have all been labeled food-safe by the Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Agriculture.

All our employees are covered by Workers Compensation and follow all WorkSafe B.C. rules. Our company has liability insurance to protect our clients and their belongings. Our largest client to-date has received well over two million dollars in our services over the last 14 years and has budgeted us in for further work over the next few years. We can do up to a four story building.


Winter is Optimal for Strata’s to Clean

Winter is the best time for strata’s to clean, as leaves have fallen and the gutters are as full as they will be for the year. The homeowners tend to not be using the outdoor spaces and many of their small belongings are put away. Our prices are lower in the winter and this can really save you money when cleaning is done at the suggested timing of once every three years. A yearly cleaning of the inside of the gutters can be arranged for clients who are on the three year program.


Why clean every three years?

If we use a starting point of a new building, freshly painted with a new roof, moss will start to grow on the new untreated roof shingles in the first year with lichens and small species of moss getting a foothold. These are the most damaging as they break down the surface and lift the shingles’ edges, allowing other species to become established. But the first thing most people see from the ground is the dark mildew staining which is a sign moss is also starting to grow.

After three years the outside surface of the rain gutters will show algae and mildew staining, with the shady side of the building showing the worst growth. If left uncleaned for longer periods, the gutters will become oxidized, and after the removal of the organic matter the gutter still show dark lines. These lines can be cleaned by hand with a renewal treatment for an extra fee, and if left uncleaned for many years we cannot remove all the stains. 

Siding and windows tend to get a buildup of growth on the shady side first and the sunny side last Many people notice algae or mildew on the white trim first, but it is on all surfaces, just harder to see. The soft-wash method is safe on building surfaces and only requires a little hand scrubbing to make it look like new. High pressure washing should only be used on buildings prior to painting as it will remove loose paint.


What areas do get high pressure cleaning?

Hard surfaces like drive and walk ways and cement foundations. High pressure is most often used to drive our surface cleaning device that cleans a 21-inch-wide swath on driveways, or with a spray-wand on stairs and used more like a wet leaf-blower, with the spray tip held far from the work surface to rinse as a last step. On some driveways a degreaser is spot-applied first.


The first step is to contact us to set up an appointment so we can meet with a strata board member to discuss your needs and establish a budget and ongoing treatment plan. Painting of the building can also be discussed. Our goal is to take care of all your exterior building needs.